Close to the people

In the Dominican Republic a new project started at the end of 2019 has turned out to be an extraordinary success. Staff from the KOLPING national office use a mobile office to travel to Kolping Families in different regions and to be close enough to learn about the questions, worries and troubles of their members.

Each time, project managers from the national office set up their mobile tent in another region at a place that is easy to reach for Kolping members who use the opportunity to meet with managers face-to-face. At the same time, managers learn from Kolping Families where the shoe pinches and what is on their mind. Members welcome this initiative a lot because it is now much easier for them to stay in contact with the national office and they are less reluctant to contact them when they are on site.

Another positive side effect is that Kolping’s mobile office attracts the attention of the general public. In La Vega, for example, KOLPING set up its office right on Cathedral Square and distributed its brochures. Members can be easily identified since they wear their Kolping shirts and caps, and the Kolping logo is visible everywhere.