Founding of National Kolping Association in Costa Rica

On February 6, Kolping in Costa Rica was officially appointed a National Kolping Association. In addition to General Praeses Msgr Christoph Huber, representatives of all Kolping Families from the country were also present to witness this event.

After the solemn mass, the first National Assembly took place. General Praeses Huber was impressed by the Association: “The individual initiatives of the Kolping Families are focussed on community and the promotion of the individual through training,” says Huber. During his stay, he was also able to visit various Kolping Family projects such as coffee cultivation, livestock farming and fertiliser production. This convinced him: “As a National Association, Kolping Costa Rica is well connected and therefore has a good foundation.”

Christoph Huber gave a very special sermon in Spanish. He honoured the Board of Directors and the National Praeses and handed over the Kolping flag, which he had previously placed on the grave of Blessed Adolph Kolping in Cologne. The Kolping members were very happy about the presence of Monsignor Christoph Huber in Costa Rica and about the fact that he exchanged ideas with Father Rafael Vega González and Father Marlon Villalta Orozco, both of them Praesides of Kolping Costa Rica.

The focus of the Association is on rural development and the granting of small credits. The Association trains its members in keeping of small livestock (e.g. goats, chicken, pigs) and supports members who are craftsmen with a small credit.

Kolping Costa Rica was founded in 2003 by 35 people with the Kolping Family San Isidro Labrador. Today there are 15 Kolping Families with around 350 members.



Video of the ceremony and meeting (Facebook)