Kolping Slovenia turns 30

In early February, Kolping Slovenia celebrated its 30th anniversary. General Praeses Huber travelled to Maribor to attend a thanksgiving church service and the celebrations there.

He warmly congratulated the association members and thanked them for their dedicated work over the decades, especially in the field of education and social activities: “Keep looking for those who want more than a cozy home, who are inspired by the idea that something can and must be done and who are willing to stand and work together in solidarity.“
Last year Kolping Slovenia was host to the 53rd Peace Walk, which was also attended by around 200 participants from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Romania and South Tyrol.


Strictly speaking, the Slovenian association is much older. There were already journeymen’s associations there from 1855 to 1945, which Adolph Kolping visited personally in 1856. On that occasion he consecrated the Kolping banner. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kolping was re-established in 1993. A national organization since the year 2000, Kolping Slovenia maintains, among others, a partnership with Kolping Switzerland.