New Tatico Kolping roasting plant in Brakel

The popular Tatico coffee from Honduras is now roasted and distributed by Kolping in Brakel. And its taste is still excellent! This is what General Praeses Christoph Huber and General Secretary Markus Demele found out during their first visit to the new Kolping roasting plant.

Production managers Thorsten Schulz and Ramona Linder attach great importance to direct and solidarity-based cooperation with the coffee farmers in Honduras. As a result, fair and direct trade is practiced.

The roasting facility is housed in the premises of the Kolping Training Center Paderborn in Brakel. “What has been created here on the basis of a partnership relationship with Honduras is remarkable in every respect,” the visitors from Cologne said, expressing their impressions.

At the end, the two visitors drank a cappuccino prepared by the Honduran volunteer Damian Rodezno, who is currently working for one year in the Kolping roasting plant in Brakel as part of the weltwärts South-North program: “Damian is the personification of the close and trusting cooperation between Paderborn and Honduras,” General Secretary Dr. Markus Demele sums up.

Last year, the Kolping Roasting Plant Brakel gGmbH was put into operation on the premises of the Kolping Training Center in Brakel. Since then, six new jobs have been created and recognition as an inclusive company has been achieved, enabling people with and without disabilities to work together in the company.

Every year, the production plant imports around 80 tons of green coffee of excellent quality from Kolping producers in Honduras in a direct and transparent supply chain without intermediaries. In Brakel, the coffee beans are roasted, packaged, and sold as a finished product from the specialties segment throughout Germany and even Europe, using various sales channels under the Tatico brand.