Pentecost address by General Praeses Huber


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Dear Kolping sisters, dear Kolping brothers,

For Pentecost I send you heartfelt greetings from the Minorite Church. The Holy Spirit is quite mysterious. People have always found it difficult to portray it and to understand what the Holy Spirit really means. Some people throw roses out of the nave or they use other symbols such as the wind or water to illustrate the Holy Spirit.

I think we who are part of Kolping, know what the Holy Spirit is all about. For it exists, that Kolping spirit. I experience it day after day in my work with so many people. I experience it on my journeys to visit our Kolping sisters and brothers. Then, this Kolping spirit becomes tangible and fully alive, because people share the same commitment to work for something. Because people accept each other as they are, with their troubles and challenges. Because people stick together across borders. And so I can only recommend to everyone who wants to experience the Holy Spirit: visit your Kolping sisters and brothers, no matter whether they live close to you or further away.  There you can experience what the Spirit of God wants to achieve in our world. For this I am very grateful. I am grateful to all Kolping sisters and brothers who keep this spirit alive. And I wish you all a joyful and blessed Pentecost.

True Kolping!