Quinua: From poor people’s dish to “super food”

Kolping’s Regional Coordinator Katharina Hager did a field research in Bolivia for her master thesis

For many years, the connection between science and practice is part of the success of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL’S project work. Students write time and again about the project and fundraising activities of the international association. But also the staff members contribute with their expertise from their studies.

Most recently is this the case through the master thesis of our Regional Coordinator Katharina Hager. In her master thesis, submitted to the University of Cologne, with the title “From poor people’s dish to Andean super food. Quinoa in Bolivia in the area of conflict between revitalization, food security and international quinoa boom” she investigates the question why quinoa has experienced the development from poor people’s dish to a most popular super food in Bolivia.

Her thesis takes the political context into account as well as the great popularity of quinoa in the countries of the global north and high export of Bolivian quinoa connected to it. Katharina Hager observes that quinoa and the change of its meaning illustrate in an exemplary way the interaction of global and local processes in a globalized world.

If you are interested in the consequences when the market discovers a basic food from economically poor regions as “hip” you should read Katharina Hager’s thesis. She spent several months on the spot to make investigations and to collect data.

Download of thesis:

Quinua – Thesis written by Katharina Hager