World Day of Social Justice

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, General Secretary Dr Markus Demele demands that everyone must have access to education to be able to develop and use their skills. “This is severely restricted for thousands of children in Germany, for example, who grow up in families where education has a low priority and low incomes severely curtail their participation in social life,” Demele says in a report to Deutsche Welle.

“In many countries of the Global South, people without access to basic human rights such as food, water, sanitation, or even working conditions free from exploitation also barely have a chance to realize their potential.”

To create more justice, measures such as a global supply chain law, taxation of capital gains and a basic security must be implemented. “Locally, nationally and internationally, believers can and must become drivers of social justice. Nothing less is the mission of us all. This World Day is a good reminder of that.”