Withstanding climate change with water projects

Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Around 70 % of the population has less than 2 dollars a day at disposal. Although more than 70 % of the children attend school, many of them drop out of primary school before having completed it.

Kolping in Togo


The 42th National Association of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL was founded in Togo in February 2008. Kolping became popular rapidly and currently has 1,960 active members in 52 Kolping Families. As the country is particularly affected by the climate change, the rural areas receive special support by Kolping through the following activities:


Rural Development

Small Credits


Success with simple technology

The diocese of Kpalimé is located about 105 kilometres north of the capital Lomé. The Kolping Family of Kpimé is based there. Some years ago, the members still had problems to water the plants on their fields although there was a small river nearby. But there were no pumps available which would transport the water to the fields. Today the fields around the Church are in bloom. The fresh vegetables sell good on the market. The community field is now cultivated and irrigated by the members of the Kolping Family on a regular basis, and the yields are distributed equally among the members. A local craftsman has created a hand pump which is easy to operate and allows them to irrigate the fields. The Kolping Family now wants to expand to provide individual fields with more pumps. The water project by Kolping was a great success and has increased the quality of life of many members.

Kolping does an excellent job: Although the association is still young, the Kolping Families‘ members help themselves. They work together in savings groups and community projects to increase their income. In addition to training courses and livestock projects, it is primarily the water projects and the use of pumps and wells which increase the yields of the Kolping Families.

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