General Praeses 100 days in office

Today, Msgr. Christoph Huber has held the office of General Praeses of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL for 100 days – reason enough to inquire about his first impressions:

Mr. Huber, how do you experience your duties as General Praeses of an international social organization?
It is a very multifaceted task with a whole range of new aspects. I am now very much engaged, for example, in the situation of KOLPING, society and the church in the world. This international dimension broadens my vision and my thinking, sometimes leaving me perplexed and sometimes leaving me strengthened and delighted.

Which of your new duties have you enjoyed the most so far?
My visit to the Serbian National Association was a special moment for me – and I am already looking forward to many more international get-togethers as soon as travel will be possible again. I also enjoy being in charge of the Minorite Church.

What have you already been able to achieve in these first 100 days?
At a time when the Catholic Church is undergoing a crisis and public funding is declining, it was important for me to address people through our public relations work in such a way that we retain an undiminished basis of trust. I hope I was successful in that regard. I am also pleased to note that we continue to receive so many donations, which KOLPING uses to alleviate misery and poverty around the world – and this on a scale that was unthinkable before the pandemic.

What is your vision for the next 100 days, and what challenges do you expect to face?
One challenge will be how we deal with the Rome pilgrimage, which unfortunately we had to cancel, and how we can nevertheless bring actions that were initiated in this context to a good end. In addition, we want to establish many new contacts – for example, with the new federal government in Berlin. Another question that is on my mind is how things will continue in the church and how we, as a democratically organized association, will play a part in it.


Inauguration of General Praeses Huber on December 4, 2021 (report, video and photos)